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About me

My name is Shin and I'm an award winning and published comic artist, illustrator and animator with a flare for geek culture.

Problem solving is my forté. That in combination with my service mindedness helps me complete all kinds of projects with great result!

More information about my experiences are listed below.

Dual Shin.png


  • Univeristy of Gävle - Sequential Arts

  • Kvarnby Folkhögskola - Comics School

  • Stockholms University of the Arts - Animation

Work experience

  • Zaytoon Catering, seller - Seattle, USA

  • Stockholms International Comics festival, seller/ lecturer

  • Sf Bokhandeln, seller - Stockholm

  • Disney Store, cast member - Stockholm

  • Riddle Room, Escape Rooms, GM/ Manager - Stockholm

  • Telia, subscription B2B - Stockholm

  • Kaffekvearn, seller/ mamager - Stockholm

  • Murrial artwork, artist - Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Greifenfels, greeting cards, illustrator - Stockholm

  • Nördarnas Julmarkand, graphic profile and decor - Stockholm

  • Uniting Geeks, graphic profile - Stockholm

  • Wasa Kredit, animated greeting card - Stockholm 

Publications and Awards

  • Mattant Leilas Scholarship

  • Sydsvenskan, publication of the comic Kûrdi

  • Seriefrämjandets fanzine prize - Public's choice (several wins)

  • Aftonbladet, about my blood drive

Workshops and Charities

  • Comics workshop - Seattle USA

  • Lectures during festivals and fairs - Stockholm, Gothenburg

  • Donation collections for Syria - Stockholm

  • Blood donation drive - International

  • QueerCon 2020 - Graphic Designs and Game Master online - Stockholm

  • QueerCon 2021 - Graphic profile/ social media, workshop - Stockholm

For more details, contact me


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